Updated: Mar 12

This is an exercise for you to use to calm yourself in times of stress and upset. It is ideal for bringing you back to 'the moment' and pushing your concerns and worries away. Remove your shoes. Stand with your bare feet firmly on the ground, legs slightly apart, and allow your feet to really feel the support of the earth underneath you. Take a few moments to find a relaxed posture – you may find that gently swaying around your hips helps you to settle into a relaxed upright posture. Make sure that your head is resting in a relaxed way upon your shoulders, just move the head around the shoulders slowly to find a relaxed position. Allow your back to relax. Allow your in-breath and out-breath to fill your chest and abdominal area. Rest your gaze at about 45 degrees or just ahead. *Full post will be available on our upcoming Meditation Book.

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